Mountain Flame
Conversations in Violet
Night Surfers in Sans Souci
Wonder is the Beginning
Night Colours
Whispers in the Dark
Savannah Snow

"Childhood Nostalgia" Series

Beach House
Come Before His Presence with Singing
Sunday Vibes
Leaves of Croton
Backyard Meditation
Sanctuary (sold)
Brightening the Mood (Unavailable)

"Streets of Home" Series

Demolished Heritage
Jumbie Music (sold)
A Place Called Home (SOLD)
Freedom Itself is a Remarkable Value
Textures of Moruga
My Friend is My Joy
Hillside Living
Always Take Me Home

"Self-Reflection" Series

Song to the Siren (Unavailable)
The River in the Forest
Setting Up Camp - Indian Miniature
The Fragrance of Thoughts (sold)
The Happy Flowers (Unavailable)

"The Offering" Series

Unwavering Belief
Song to the Moon
Perchance to Dream

"Humanitas" Series

But when they came for me, I was already free...
Still I Rise