Perchance to Dream – 2021

Paper Collage, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

12 x 9 inches

History records that our ancestors who left India for Trinidad were seeking better livelihoods. The opportunity to contractually earn steady wages and then return home after some years seemed to be attractive enough. With little and mostly unclear information, a huge risk was undertaken by the Indians who left their homes to embark upon this momentous change.
They met a dangerous and unhealthy journey across the ocean, and deplorable living conditions in barracks upon arrival in Trinidad. Indentureship meant low wages, long hours and no freedom.
Their suffering means that I will never be disgraced and demoralized as they were at the time.
This romantic reimagining of that decision to leave home is characterized here by an ancestor. This one had a love for music. The divine within him shines out and makes him as blue as the gods he treasured.


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